TRACS User Guide


The TRACS User Guide contains essential information for the user to make full use of the TRACS system. The instruction guide includes step-by-step instructions for using the TRACS system.

The TRACS User Guide is organized by chapters which correspond to the lessons in the online video-based TRACS Self Paced Courses.

  • The TRACS Basic Course is covered in chapters 1-10 which walks you through the process of entering a generic project into TRACS from start to finish.
  • The TRACS Advanced Course is covered in chapters 11-21 which includes additional tools and functionality in the system for advanced users.
  • Additional chapters cover other topics such as Legacy Data and User Administrator functions. 


Download/Print Instructions:


Please note: The User Guide (like other documents on this site) is a living document that will be updated as new guidelines and system updates occur. The best source for up-to-date information is to view this document online or ensure you have the latest version downloaded/printed. Please consider saving paper by not printing the document. If you do opt to print it, please check the online version periodically for any changes (check the Change Log). 

To download a current "Print Edition" of the TRACS User Guide, visit the TRACS Reference Materials folder and scroll down to find a current copy of the User Guide available for download. 

**Note: This may take several minutes to open due to the large file size. 


Alternately, to print just a single chapter: Open the online User Guide on the KMS and click on the Book Administration button in the upper left and select "Print this chapter" (or "Print book"). Note: formatting will be best in the print version above. When the document opens, click "Print book" or "Print chapter" (if the print dialogue box does not open, right click on the document and select "Print").