TRACS User Guide


TRACS System Requirements


Hardware Type

Minimum Requirements



Single Core, 2.33GHz or faster x86/x64

Dual Core, 2.67Ghz or faster x86/x64 (i5 or i7+ processor)



8GB or greater

Screen Resolution


1920x1080 or greater

Other hardware

Mouse or track pad

Scroll Mouse (with scroll wheel and left/right click), Graphics Card (512 MB or higher)

Software Type

Required Version

Operating System

Windows 7, 8.1 or Macintosh OS 10.6 or higher. Laptop or desktop only (not currently supported on tablet/iPad or smartphone)


Internet Explorer 10+ or Google Chrome (current version). Other browsers may work but are not in spec - using another browser is NOT recommended.

Application plug-in

Flash is required for TRACS (latest version is best) Click here for latest version

Productivity Tools

Recommended: Microsoft Office 2007/2010/2013 or latest and Adobe Reader (PDF)

Network/Infrastructure Requirements: The TRACS mapper uses your local bandwidth to display images, map projections and project data. To reduce the bandwidth used, limit the use of additional layers and add filters to reduce the number of projects visible (for more information visit the Managing Filters page).

Recommended minimum upload/download speed in Megabites per second (Mbps): 5Mbps/3Mbps (For classroom training, the recommended upload/download speed is 10Mbps/5Mbps for 10 students or 20Mbps/5Mbps for 20 students).



  • Ensure that your workstation (computer and internet connection) meets the minimum requirements and contact your local IT staff for assistance.
  • Try switching to a different browser (TRACS is optimized to work best with a current version of Google Chrome or Internet Explorer). A current version of Flash Player is also required (contact your local IT staff for assistance). 
  • Note: The TRACS help desk and technical support team cannot address local IT infrastructure issues. Please direct questions about your computer, network, or bandwidth settings to your local IT staff.
  • Visit the Troubleshooting Tips page for more helpful hints for loading issues. 
  • Contact the TRACS help desk if you experience other technical issues in the system.