Grant Translation Best Practices


The Grant Translation Best Practices were developed by the TRACS Working Group and provide sample projects, best practices and guidelines for TRACS federal and state users. 

The Grant Translation Best Practices and TRACS Guidance FAQs were originally developed by the state-federal TRACS Guidance Committee that was established in late 2012.  Committee members included Justin Cutler, Amy Derosier, Karla Drewsen, Ron Essig, Eric Gardner, Mike Harris, Karl Hess, Dan Hogan, Mark Humpert, Paul Kline, Becky Miller, Jane Riley, Rosie Roegner, Deborah Schimmel, Lisa Van Alstyne, Paul VanRyzin, and Debbie Wircenske. Today the documentation is maintained and revised by the TRACS Working Group, comprised of state and federal representatives from all regions.

Please note that these documents were originally developed over 2 years ago and are in the process of being updated. For additional guidance, please contact your WSFR representative. Please visit the Best Management Practices Forum to post questions or discussion topics about the Best Practices. 

The Grant Translation Best Practices or BPs (formerly known as Best Management Practices or BMPs) are organized by project/grant type (not program) and include FAQs and sample projects based on actual grant proposals from States giving their permission to be displayed as attachments.  In most cases, the BPs were modified somewhat to better reflect a more representative project; so there may not be an exact translation of information from the grant proposal to the BP.

BPs by project/grant type: