TRACS Guidance FAQs

1. Overview

A new system for Tracking and Reporting of Actions for the Conservation of Species (Wildlife TRACS) was implemented by the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration (WSFR) program in 2013.  It was designed as an accomplishment reporting system integrated with the WSFR grant process.  This document is intended to provide guidance on Wildlife TRACS for federal and state users.  Most information is provided in a question and answer format.  It is a living document that will be updated as new issues and system modifications arise.

This guidance document focuses on aspects of Wildlife TRACS that relate to the WSFR grant process that is summarized in the Grant Process and Workflow sections.  The front end of the grant process that involves applying for grants is covered primarily in the Data Structure and Grant Application sections.  The back end of the grant process that involves preformance reporting is covered primarily in the Performance Reporting, Standardized Outputs and Effectiveness Measures sections.  Other sections of this document are more overarching.

This document was developed by the state-federal TRACS Guidance Committee that was established in late 2012.  Committee members included Justin Cutler, Amy Derosier, Karla Drewsen, Ron Essig, Eric Gardner, Mike Harris, Karl Hess, Dan Hogan, Mark Humpert, Paul Kline, Becky Miller, Jane Riley, Rosie Roegner, Deborah Schimmel, Lisa Van Alstyne, Paul VanRyzin, and Debbie Wircenske.  This committee met by webinar on a regular basis, typically twice a month, to resolve operational issues and to document them. 

 To view the TRACS Guidance FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). click on the topics on the left side bar. Note: Best Practices (BPs) are located in the Grant Translation Best Practices. For system definitions, please visit the TRACS Glossary of Terms and Definitions.