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Acquisition means the voluntary purchase, donation, or transfer of any or all of a real property interest by means of a written deed, easement, lease assignment, or other legal instrument (this definition is from


An intervention undertaken by a project team to reduce threats, capitalize on opportunities, or restore natural species and ecosystems (equivalent to a "strategy" in the CMP Open Standards). An action is user defined and is represented spatially by polygon(s) on the TRACS mapper. Projects contain one or more actions; actions are used as the reporting mechanism for grants. Actions are described by Category, Strategy and sometimes Activity.


A specific descriptor of an action used for very specific reporting needs. This level of detail is optional with some exceptions. For those programs for which this level of detail is required, outputs are also required. Estimated costs are optional at this level.


A formal amendment to an approved project statement that documents any changes in the project's length, scope and/or estimated costs. In order to enter an amendment into TRACS, select the approved statement and create a "New Draft". Make any necessary changes to the new draft before submitting it for approval. 

For more information, visit the User Guide's Chapter 17 Revisions and Amendments


A description of the methods used to achieve the stated objectives. Methods within the approach would typically be translated to actions in TRACS.


Bailey Ecoregions

Ecoregions are ecosystems of regional extent. Bailey's ecoregions distinguish areas that share common climatic and vegetation characteristics.


A map depicting background reference information such as landforms, roads, landmarks, and political boundaries, onto which other thematic information is placed. A basemap is used for locational reference and often includes a geodetic control network as part of its structure.

Bing Map

The Bing Map from Microsoft is used by ArcGIS software and the TRACS application. The Bing Hybrid Map is the default basemap in TRACS, which combines the aerial map and road map features.

Boating Infrastructure Grant Program (BIG)

BIG is an acronym for the Boating Infrastructure Grant Program. More information available here:


A TRACS map tool that enables a user to quickly access to frequently used geographic locations.


A collection of projects and/or actions rolled up together in a package for submittal to WSFR for approval (e.g., projects consolidated into an application bundle or actions consolidated into a performance report).



A category is a generic descriptor that determines the types of actions within a project. This is a pick list in TRACS that includes 3 options at the project level: Administration, Conservation/Management and/or Recreation. Categories are used as a basis for aggregating like actions for reporting purposes within and across states.

Conservation Viewer

The Conservation Viewer is the public platform of the TRACS application. Non-sensitive data from TRACS is released to the Conservation Viewer via web services and made available in a variety of formats, including reports, maps, and summary reports. 

Converted Data

Data from legacy systems or remote databases that has been translated into a structure that is compatible with TRACS.


Data Ingestion

The process of consuming data from remote systems in a format that is compatible with TRACS.


Effectiveness Measure

Indicator used by the State Wildlife Grant program to assess whether a given conservation action is leading to its desired objectives and ultimate impacts.

Environmental System Research Institute (ESRI)

Environmental System Research Institute (ESRI) provides maps from ArcGIS with satellite, street, topographical and shaded relief basemap layers.

Estimated Cost

Estimated cost information provides financial context to projects defined in TRACS. WSFR Grant Specialists must determine if the project is cost effective by weighing if the project is substantial in character and design. Additionally, a wide variety of stakeholders, including legislators, sporting industry representatives, non-governmental organizations, sportspersons and other members of the general public, are interested in knowing how WSFR grant funds are spent at a level more specific than grant level as in FBMS. In TRACS, estimated cost information is required on the Funding Source tab of the Project Statement form and at the Action Category level in the Estimated Cost Form.

Expected Results

Description of the expected effects of the completed project on people or resources.



A feature is any collection of real-world objects that share certain characteristics. In mapping terms, a feature class is the type of feature (e.g. river, county, project) while a feature is a specific object (e.g. Colorado River).

Feature Editor

A TRACS tool that allows users to create and edit plan, project, and action shapes.

Feature Explorer

A TRACS tool that allows users to view, create, and edit plan, project and action attributes such as properties, cost, objectives, and attachments.

Feature Frame

When a feature is selected on the TRACS (left mouse click) map, the feature frame is the box that appears   around the feature. The feature frame menu can be used to select a shape for a plan, project or action or to edit feature data.

Feature Search

A TRACS tool that allows users to search for a plan, project, or action.


Filters are used to specify the specific project data the user would like the view on the map, such as "All Active Projects in My Group" or custom built filters.

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