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Forums are online “virtual” rooms where you can ask questions, share ideas, and have discussions about specific topics. Forums are similar to bulletin boards, where you can post messages and respond to each other’s posts.There are general forums and specialized forums organized by region, grant type, or organization.

Most forum posts can be viewed as a guest, however to participate in a forum you must be logged in to the KMS. Click the login button in the upper right and enter your username and password (note this is a separate login from the TRACS system itself). If you do not have a login, please contact the TRACS training team (email us at 

Forum How Tos:

Posting to a ForumAny logged in user on this site can post to a forum by clicking "add a new discussion topic". To respond to an existing topic, click the "reply" button below the post. To delete your own post or reply, click the "delete" button below the post. All of the forums are moderated so please limit comments to the discussion topic and keep them appropriate for all audiences. 

Search the Forums: To search for posts or topics in any of the forums go to the Search Forums pageTo request a new forum, email the TRACS training team

How to Subscribe to Forums: After logging in to the site, visit the Forum Subscription page to manage your subscriptions. Use the subscribe and unsubscribe buttons next to each forum or use the "subscribe to all" or "unsubscribe to all" buttons. You can also subscribe to an individual forum discussion directly from that forum post. 

Forums List:

To enter a forum, click on forum link on the right.

General Forums: Used for discussing general questions or topics about TRACS

 Ask the TRACS Team Forum

 TRACS Tips and Tricks Forum

 TRACS Wish List (Pet Peeve) Forum

Organization/Program-Specific Forums: For organizations or programs to discuss TRACS issues and topics

 CSU Work Study Forum

 States Organization for Boating Access (SOBA) Forum

 Comprehensive Management System (CMS) forum

Regional Forums: Forums for sharing information, ideas, questions & answers and best practices specific to a particular region. 

 Region 1 Forum

 Region 2 Forum

 Region 3 Forum

 Region 4 Forum

 Region 5 Forum

 Region 6 Forum

 Region 7 Forum

 Region 8 Forum

 Region 9 Forum

Grant-Program Forums: Forums for sharing grant specific information. More information about these programs can be found on the WSFR Grant Programs page and on the FA Wiki WSFR Programs page.

 Aquatic Resource Education Program Forum





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