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This page contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this site including information about how to search for content. 

What is the TRACS KMS?

The TRACS Knowledge Management Site (KMS) is the new and improved web site for all TRACS information. It contains a robust set of teaching and learning tools you'll see throughout the site. You’ll find all of the content previously stored in the old TRACS wiki but with improved organization and in an easier to use format.

Do I need to register separately for the TRACS Training Environment and TRACS Live Environment?

Yes, registration is separate for the TRACS training and live environments, as well as separate for the TRACS KMS. 

  • The TRACS Training Environment is a copy of the live environment used for training exercises and practice. It is a self-registration system. Click "Register" from the login page to request an account. Note: Please contact the TRACS training team if you have any issues accessing the training environment.  
  • The TRACS Live Environment - the system where state and federal users enter real project data. It is a self-registration system and requires that you fill out the registration form again (even if you already have an account for the training environment). Click "Register" from the login page to request an account. Note: It can take up to a week for your local User Administrator to approve your request. The list of User Administrators by region and state can be found in the TRACS Directory on the Contact Us page. 


Do I need to register for a login for this site?

You can access most of the content on this site as a "Guest", including courses, videos, and reference materials. Click "Login as Guest" in the lower left of the screen. 

For full access to the site, contact the TRACS training team to request a login account. A login account provides access to all kinds of extra functionality, including the ability to enroll in online courses and track progress towards completion, participate in forums, and subscribe to email notifications. Note: Separate registration is required for the TRACS production and training sites.

If you have any questions or would like to request a login account, please email the TRACS training team at

How do I edit my profile or change my password?

You can edit your profile by clicking on My Profile (also in the main menu on the left). Then click the Edit Profile link to update your information. To change or reset your password, go to the Login page and click "Forgot your username or password". Then submit either your username or email address to have a link sent to your email to reset your password. 

How do I search this site? Where is the search box?

Currently, there is no built-in search box available that allows a user to do a keyword search throughout the site. Here are some alternate ways to search for content: 

Use an external search engine such as Google Advanced Search:

    • Open the following link: 

    • Enter the search parameters in the "Find Pages With" section. This allows you to specify how you'd like to search for content, such as searching on "all these words" or "any of these words" etc. 

    • Enter the site/domain address:

    • Click "Advanced Search" button to open a page of Google results that match your search criteria within the KMS site. 

Search a specific page:

  • Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F to search for content on a specific page. A search box will open in the upper right. Type in your keyword and hit Enter. Search results will be highlighted in yellow. (Note: This only searches for content on a single visible page). 
  • To search through an entire document (such as the TRACS User Guide or TRACS Guidance FAQs), open/download the print view of the whole document and then click Ctrl + F. Type in your keyword and hit Enter. Search results will be highlighted in yellow. 

Search specific resources: 

  • Search Courses to look for keywords in a course name or description.
  • Use the Forum Search to search forum posts by keyword, date or forum name.   
  • Search Tags to find people with similar interests or to search blog posts. Tags can be added to a user's profile and can be associated with a blog post. To tell everyone what your interests are, go to your profile editing page and enter your interests/tags separated by commas. This allows registered users to search for others with similar interests. 

Where can I find content that was originally on the old TRACS Wiki site?

All user content from the TRACS wiki was moved to the KMS in May 2015. On this site, you’ll find all of the content previously stored in the wiki but with improved organization and in an easier to use format. The KMS contains a wealth of new content, including training videos, reference tools, calendars of events, news and forums. (Note: The wiki website is not going away — it will be maintained as an internal repository and archive for the PAR Branch.)

Use the main menu bar on the left side to navigate through the site. 

Pages previously on the wiki

New location on the KMS 

User Guide

User Guide Icon TRACS User Guide 


FAQ Icon TRACS Guidance FAQs  


Best Practices Icon Grant Translation Best Practicesaaa 

Training Opportunities and Registrationaaaaa

Training Options Icon TRACS Training Options       

Technical Updates and Release Notes

Tech Updates Icon Technical Updates 

Help Desk Support and Contact Us

Contact Icon Contact Us

Quality Assurance Reviews  

QA Reviews Icon Quality Assurance Reviews


Site News Icon Site News 


Blogs Icon Blogs

TRACS Technical Specifications

Tech Updates Icon TRACS System Requirements

















What are some of the features of this site?

The KMS was created using the Moodle eLearning platform, which is the most widely used open source learning management system in the world used by over 68 million educators and learners at universities, hospitals, private corporations, military and government agencies. The Wildlife and Sports Fish Restoration (WSFR) Program's TRACS training team developed the KMS using the Moodle platform as a secure, robust and integrated eLearning site that personalizes the learning experience for users.

Some features of this site include:

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