Meet the Team

The Wildlife Sport Fish and Restoration (WSFR) Program is responsible for the development and maintenance of the TRACS system.  WSFR's Program and Accomplishment Reporting (PAR) Branch handles system development and the continued evolution of database and system applications. 

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Dan Hogan

Chief, Program and Accomplishment Reporting Branch


Cal Cooley

Training Coordinator

Debbie Wircenske

Grants Specialist

John Tully

Project Manager / ISSO

Alex Miller


Jennifer Webster

Administrative Support Assistant

Tim Smith

States & Stakeholders Liaison (MBS)

Evan Lockwood

Technical Trainer (MBS)

Yonah Cohen

Technical Trainer (MBS)

Jeremy Bradley

Software Architect (MBS)

Brian Davis

Application Systems Programmer (MBS)

Sherry Miller

Software Developer (MBS)

Sarah Rutledge

Database Administrator (MBS)

Brandi Kirchhoff

GIS / Application Programmer (MBS)

Agatha Machota Gawron

Software Developer (MBS)

John Hall

Senior Developer (MBS)

Matt Swaffer

User Interface/Data Visualization (MBS)

Tyler Berry

Systems Administrator (MBS)

Juslena Trujillo

Scrum Master and Agile Manager (MBS)

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